Saturday, November 20, 2010

US Military Sued Over Inticing Minors With War Games

Filing these two articles under "Aged News" cause they are a coupla years old, and I stumbled upon them while looking for something else, and felt this news was important to pass around so that more people would know how bad the military industrial complex is effecting or should I say infecting our everyday lives. This is some serious stuff to think about dont you think? I do.

Now before you go saying "oh sure, look at the names in the links,...they that think Alex Jones is a wacko and the Huff-Post aint noting but a liberal rag, think about this: Its the truth-out!

Footnote: (I know they dont use footnotes anymore but hay, Im old fashioned in alot of ways.)
*Just because these articles are aged dosent mean these underhanded and detrimental practices on the part of our military (shall we say "indiscretions, at best?) arent still happening today cause they are, indeed. Just the other day I read where some group was suing a MALL somewhere cause the American Army set up a recruitment center in it and was catering to the kids! I will have to follow up on that some day to see if they had any success.

Friday, November 19, 2010