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Aid Halted to Homeless Hatians Camped Out on Palace Park Lawn

Homeless Haitians: aid halted to force them out

By FRANK BAJAK Associated Press Writer

Homeless victims of Haiti's earthquake said Monday that police are halting deliveries of food and water to try to force them to leave their camp on the grounds of the prime minister's office.

Police padlocked the main gate to the hillside camp, where about 2,500 homeless people live under bed sheets and tarps propped on sticks on the sloping hill leading to the office. Stinking garbage with swarms of flies was being allowed to pile up and portable latrines were filled, camp residents complained.

Witnesses said police beat 22-year-old Dalida Jeanty after she picked up a broom to sweep around her tent. "They called her and she did not come so they beat her," said her cousin, Alix Jeanty.

He was among the friends and relatives who carried the woman down the hill, where U.N. peacekeepers from Chile and India arranged for her to be taken to the hospital.

A police officer guarding the gate to the prime minister's office refused to give his name or comment on the alleged beating. Nor would he discuss accusations they have been turning away trucks carrying food and water for the past 10 days.

Calls to the Information Ministry on Monday were unanswered, as was an e-mail to the prime minister's chief aide.

"We've been here for a month and we were being treated well, but for the past two weeks we have been mistreated," said Markinson Midey, a 22-year-old student. "Anytime they bring food or water, the police make the trucks leave."

Midey and other residents, some of them shouting angrily and banging pans when they saw reporters, said they believe the government wants to make the camp conditions so bad that people will be forced to leave, even though they have nowhere else to go.

After reporters arrived, police opened the gate they'd locked.

Many government buildings were damaged in the Jan. 12 quake and Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive is working out of the same office as President Rene Preval at a temporary government headquarters set up in the headquarters of the judicial police, near the airport.

The Jan. 12 earthquake killed about 200,000 people and left 1.2 million homeless, according to the government.

More than half a million people fled devastated Port-au-Prince, but 700,000 are living in every available piece of open land, from public squares and school yards to sidewalks, their only protection makeshift tents of sheets propped up by sticks.

There has been no evidence of any concerted government policy to forcibly remove the homeless from the many spontaneous settlements, however authorities have made it clear they plan to resettle the refugees as soon as more permanent camps can be established outside town.

Many inhabitants of the capital's miserable tent camps got soaked by an overnight downpour. Doctors say many children — half the population of Haiti is under 15 years — are suffering from colds, coughs and diarrhea.

Bellerive told The Associated Press last week that the government will be forced to appropriate private land to build better tent camps with tarpaulins.

But aid agencies taking part in a massive international effort to help victims say the government is dragging its feet even as the rainy season approaches and the need to get people out of congested camps that pose health risks and under proper cover becomes more urgent.

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Iowa to Favor illegal immigrants w/ Tuition Discounts

Iowa Law To Reward Illegal Immigrants
Fri, 02/12/2010 - 4:58pm

A Midwest state that saw hundreds of illegal immigrants arrested in the nation's largest workplace raids wants to offer undocumented aliens a precious taxpayer-financed benefit by passing a controversial law previously defeated in its legislature.

A bill in the Iowa House (Iowa Opportunities and Workforce Act) aims to give illegal immigrants discounted in-state tuition—not even granted to U.S. citizens of other states—at public colleges and universities. Ten states—including California, Texas, New York and Illinois—currently offer illegal immigrants the costly perk which has been legally challenged in at least two states.

At the request of immigration advocates, sympathetic Iowa legislators have twice attempted to pass a measure to grant illegal aliens tuition at the cheaper resident rates. In 2004 a bill was approved by the state House but defeated in the Senate and three years later the measure was re-introduced but stalled before reaching the House floor.

Proponents of illegal immigrants are confident that the third time is the charm. The Democrat from Des Moines (Ako Abdul-Samad) who recently introduced the bill for the third time assures “it’s a win-win for Iowa” that will increase citizenship in the state. The congressman guarantees that he will continue introducing the measure until it becomes law.

Iowa lawmakers seem to think that offering illegal immigrants benefits will solve many of the serious issues that surfaced after headline-breaking raids at meatpacking plants in Marshalltown and Postville in 2006 and 2008. Hundreds of illegal aliens were caught using fake Social Security numbers to work at the factories and many ended up getting criminally charged or deported.

One of the state’s largest cities, Iowa City, has responded to the events by trying to adopt a sanctuary ordinance that would ban employers and police from asking people about their legal status. If it passes, Iowa City would join dozens of other sanctuary cities across the nation, including Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Madison, Wisconsin and Phoenix.

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Priest caught buying cocaine

Pa. police:

PHILADELPHIA - A Roman Catholic priest from northeastern Pennsylvania is facing drug possession charges after police say he was caught buying cocaine in Philadelphia. Philadelphia police said Friday that 50-year-old James B. Shimsky, a priest in the Diocese of Scranton, was arrested last month.

Narcotics officers said they saw a man in a Jeep engage in a drug transaction the morning of Jan. 30 on a North Philadelphia street. Police said they stopped the vehicle and found a small amount of cocaine inside.

Diocesan spokesman William Genello said Shimsky is pastor of St. John Vianney Parish in Scott Township, Lackawanna County, and has been on a leave of absence since his arrest.

A phone listing for Shimsky could not be found and he couldn't be reached for comment

Read more:

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First Lady Launches Anti-Obesity Campaign for Kids while Haitian Kids Go Hungry, Waste Away & Die

Bad Timing I would say, I dont care how "pudgy" her daughters are getting. Now is not the time; People ARE starving in Haiti and all over the world..

Michelle Obama makes obesity campaign personal

Witchita Eagle

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - First lady Michelle Obama framed her national campaign against childhood obesity in intensely personal terms Thursday, relating that her own daughters were starting to get off-track before the family's pediatrician gave her a wake-up call and warned her to watch it.

"In my eyes, I thought my children were perfect," the first lady said. "I didn't see the changes."

But the family's pediatrician, she said, kept a close eye on trends in African-American children and "warned that he was concerned that something was getting off-balance." The doctor "cautioned me that I had to take a look at my own children's BMI," or body mass index, the first lady said.

Mrs. Obama said parents often recognize that kids in general don't eat right and aren't exercising enough, but "we always think that only happens to someone else's kids, and I was in that position."

"Even though I wasn't exactly sure at that time what I was supposed to do with this information about my children's BMI, I knew that I had to do something," she said. "I had to lead our family to a different way."

The first lady said that over the next few months she made some small changes that got her daughters back on track. No more weekday TV. More attention to portion sizes. Low-fat milk. Water bottles in the lunch boxes. Grapes on the breakfast table. Apple slices at lunch. Colorful vegetables on the dinner table.

"It was really very minor stuff, but these small changes resulted in some really significant improvements, and I didn't know it would," Mrs. Obama said. "It was so significant that the next time we visited our pediatrician, he was amazed. He looked over the girls' charts and he said, 'What on earth are you doing?'"

Mrs. Obama said that's the message she hopes to share in her anti-obesity campaign, that "small changes can lead to big results."

The first lady made her remarks at a YMCA in Alexandria, Va., where she appeared with Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and Dr. Judith Palfrey, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Benjamin released a report that serves as an update to a 2001 surgeon general's report that was a call to action against obesity.

"Although we've made some strides since 2001," Benjamin said, "the number of Americans - like me - who are struggling with their weight and health conditions related to their weight, remains too high."

Almost one-third of kids are at least overweight; about 17 percent are obese.

The Original article first appeared in the link below;

and read about the people still hungry in Haitai by clicking on to the title above,...but also be sure to read the latest reports coming out of Haiti by finding your way to the link below

Update from Haitai - "Boots on the Ground" Report;
U.S. to Blame for Lack of Critical Pediatric Care

and be sure to go to the link below to see what I thought to be the First Ladys First Incident of really Bad Taste;

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The USDA has also embraced the anti-fat-american-kids-campaign; Kinda makes ya wonder, what came first; The Obomba "Chicken" or the USDA "Egg" of an idea?

USDA aims to promote healthy options in schools

By Tom Karst Published on 02/08/2010 05:03PM

The New York Times reported Feb. 7 that excerpts of Vilsack’s speech obtained by the paper indicate that the USDA will take the position that vending machines in schools be “filled with nutritious offerings to make the healthy choice the easy choice for our nation’s children.”
The Obama administration was poised to support Democrat-sponsored legislation to ban sugary beverages and candy from schools and require schools to offer more nutritious fare.

Meanwhile, the USDA has been reaching out to editorial boards to attract support for its campaign to improve child nutrition fight obesity.

“The USDA recommends setting higher standards for all foods sold in school, including in vending machines and a la carte lines, and related policies and programs to ensure that the school environment is a positive influence on children’s diets, their physical activity choices, and their health,” according to a release from the department.

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Someone, Somewhere Misses Dubya -- a Lot
Updated: 1 hour 18 minutes ago

Mara Gay Contributor

(Feb. 9) -- It's only been a year since a helicopter flew him out of the capital right after the inauguration of President Barack Obama. But some Americans will be pleased to know that George W. Bush is out there, watching over them after all. From a billboard, high above Interstate Highway 35 near Wyoming, Minn., to be exact. And he wants to know if you miss him.

Someone has placed a giant photo of the former president on a billboard with the question, "Miss Me Yet?"

Sheldon Anderson, TwitPic
The "Miss Me Yet?" billboard looms over Interstate 35 near Wyoming, Minn.

Until now, the billboard was thought to be a hoax, a clever doctoring of an image perhaps, meant to whip up anti-Obama sentiments in the blogosphere. But by Monday, it was clear: No one seems to know who put it there or why, but the "Miss Me Yet?" billboard is real.

Minnesota Public Radio correspondent Bob Collins saw it himself:

It was late at night and I wasn't sure I'd seen the billboard correctly as I whizzed past it on I-35 in Wyoming last week on the way back from Wrenshall. But an e-mailer confirms I saw what I thought I saw.

It's beginning to sweep along the Internet, accompanied by various claims that it's a Photoshop fake. But it's not. It's real.

The creator is out there, somewhere. Collins said that it would be difficult to find him or her because the billboard's owner is also unknown. What is clear, however, is that Wyoming's mayor, Sheldon Anderson, wishes he had thought of the idea first. He sent an e-mail to Minnesota Public Radio. "Wish I could take credit for it," he wrote.

In the words of Collins, "It's time to crowdsource this puppy."

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Burgularing Butcher Says Cant Beat His Meat

Click on title above to read about the infamous NJ burgularing butcher

Gas Plant Explosion Kills 5

And they want to build more of these things in our neighborhoods?

Click on title above to see original article

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Independant "Tea" Party a GOP Party Now?

Tea Party Convention Drama Fueled by Emerging GOP Alliance

Grassroots Groups Angered by High Fees for Palin Speech

By David Weigel 1/14/10 12:13 AM

Late last year, Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation came to Eric Odom with a proposition. Odom’s group, the American Liberty Alliance–a free market, anti-tax group launched in March 2009, after its leaders had helped put together the first Tea Party protests–could sign on with the National Tea Party Convention that Phillips was organizing. ALA could promote the convention on its website and to its members. In return, it would become a “gold co-sponsor” of the convention, which would cost any other sponsor $5,000. That status would let Odom join other activists backstage with Sarah Palin, the event’s big-ticket speaker, before she gave her Saturday evening address. Odom signed up, and ALA joined the conservative women’s group Smart Girl Politics as the most prominent Tea Party groups promoting the event.

On January 12, Odom had to rethink his position. In the morning, he tried to convince local leaders of ALA that, despite some bad press coverage, the event was worth supporting. But at 2 p.m., Nashville-based Tea Party activist Kevin Smith posted a 6,700-word article on the “story behind Tea Party Nation’s dishonest beginnings.” (

In Smith’s account, Tea Party Nation had become a scam, promoting its own welfare while alienating local grassroots activists. The high cost of the convention–full-access tickets were $549, while access to Palin’s speech alone was $349. “It’s become clear to me that Judson and his for-profit Tea Party Nation Corporation are at the forefront of the GOP’s process of hijacking the tea party movement,” Smith wrote. “How can I honestly object to this same behavior in my Government and demand they clean up Washington when I am unwilling to risk the personal and political injury it takes to expose the fraud, corruption, and deceit to which I am privy?”

Smith’s attack on Tea Party Nation jumped from e-mail inbox to e-mail inbox. Hours later, 25 of ALA’s organizers told Odom that they wanted to pull out of the convention. Shortly after midnight, Odom announced that that ALA was quitting the convention because “when we look at the $500 price tag for the event and the fact that many of the original leaders in the group left over similar issues, it’s hard for us not to assume the worst.” (

Since the first announcements about the National Tea Party Convention in November 2009, ( high-priced, first-of-its kind event has been a magnet for controversy, a divisive subject within the burgeoning movement, and a punching bag for local and national media. Those three factors have complemented one another, as angry activists like Smith, Florida organizer Robin Stublen, and California organizer Mark Meckler have attacked the convention in very public forums. The attacks have remained one-sided as Phillips has blown off questions about the criticism. He has not responded to multiple phone calls and e-mails from TWI and from other outlets such as TPM Muckraker.( Asked to confirm that Palin was being paid $100,000 to appear at the event, Phillips only told Politico that its reporters’ sources were “not reliable.” (
The result: A steady stream of negative press that has been circulated inside the movement, culminating in the high-profile withdrawal of ALA.

“I think it is a great con of people making money off the passions of others,” said Erick Erickson, the editor of and sponsor of the biannual RedState Gathering convention, in an e-mail to TWI. “A $500+ per person fee to a for-profit organization run by people most people have never heard of is neither populist nor accessible for many tea party activists. It smells more like a scam using Sarah Palin to build legitimacy while lining pockets with money from hard working tea party activists.” After talking to TWI, Erickson put up a blog post making the argument in even more detail. (

“When I’ve talked to our members, they’ve said this is entirely too expensive,” said Jenny Beth Martin, the national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots. The decision not to participate was made in a December conference call with members. “I’m sure there are other people in the movement who haven’t given as much, haven’t been organizing events, and may feel more comfortable spending that money, going to see some speakers, and getting that training. But we’re focusing on a grassroots response to the State of the Union and on the next round of Tea Parties on February 27.”

But as humiliating as the National Tea Party Convention’s coverage has been for activists, critics and attendees alike see the ambition and political strategy of their movement becoming more and more mainstream. Nine months ago, Odom got national headlines for pre-emptively denying RNC Chairman Michael Steele a speaking slot at the Chicago Tea Party. “We prefer to limit stage time to those who are not elected officials, both in government as well as political parties,” he said at the time.( Today, Steele is winning a Tea Party Nation web poll on whether he should speak the convention, ( Odom is gearing up for a trip to Massachusetts to help the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, take the state’s open Senate seat. The Tea Party Express, an operation of the GOP-supporting Our Country Deserves Better PAC which has been utterly rejected by some Tea Party activists, (
is rolling into the convention and catching hardly any flack for it. The presence of Palin, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) at the convention is seen, universally, as a coup with import that will outlive the controversy over the event itself.

“Having Palin speak at the convention works to to their mutual advantage,” said Morton Blackwell, the president of the Leadership Institute, an organization that trains conservatives (program veterans include James O’Keefe, the videographer who taped damaging exposes of ACORN) and is getting a discounted sponsorship at the National Tea Party Convention in return for holding free sessions. “It’ll help them get thousands of people there, I think. And the leadership of the Tea Parties, that I’ve talked to, do not believe that they should start their own party.”

Despite the negative press Palin has received for demanding so much money for her speech, (’s agreement that her presence will help convince activists that they need to work for Republicans. “Palin is actually more Tea Party than Republican Party, anyway–she walked away from the governor’s office, for crying out loud!” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform–which is still undecided on whether to support the convention, based on conflicting suggestions from local activists. “But it’s important that they realize that they don’t have to be friends with the guys they replace the Democrats with. They get them to run on their issues. That’s how you avoid third party movements.”

Some of the people planning to attend the convention are still considering whether third party challenges to the Democrats and the GOP are viable. David DeGerolamo of NC Freedom, who is spending “thousands of dollars” to travel from North Carolina to Nashville and run a breakout session on consolidating state Tea Party groups at the convention, speculated that it would be an ideal place to “weed out” people who had the money to challenge the two parties. “I’ll tell you,” said DeGerolamo, “the GOP here in North Carolina is scared to death about what will happen at the Tea Party Convention.”

But the chance of the Tea Party Convention becoming the start of a third party movement — something rumored for months and occasionally indulged by Palin — is remote. (

(On the January 13 episode of “Glenn Beck,” Palin admitted that “there are times that I have been tempted to bail from” the GOP but that she didn’t think third parties are viable.) The focus of detractors is on purifying the movement of buck-raking, but not Republican activism. The focus of convention defenders is While Kevin Smith’s explosive blog post warned against GOP exploitation, hours later the Louisiana Tea Party endorsed Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) for re-election. (

“Sometimes, in conservative circles, you run into this purity test problem where any traction in political process is seen as selling out over principled,” said John O’Hara, a staffer at the libertarian Heartland Institute who helped organized the February 27 Tea Party in Washington, D.C. and whose book “New American Tea Party” hit shelves this week. “I’d hate to see the Tea Party relegated to a third party spoiler, and luckily I don’t think that’s happening.”

Neither Tea Party activists nor conservative movement figures who are linking up with them express much worry about the bad press the convention is getting. Some of the non-participants who’ve been quoted criticizing the convention, such as Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks, are fine with the media promoting the crusade of Odom, Stublen, and others while Brandon’s group quietly promotes its new PAC targeting vulnerable Democrats. “We wish them all the best, but we are too stretched on the health care bill,” Brandon told TWI.

And for all the bad press Tea Party Nation’s received, the very day the group announced extremely limited access for the media, its website revealed one profitable reason why. (

“The First National Tea Party Convention is officially SOLD OUT!!!! You may place your name on the waiting list in the event additional tickets become available.”

cLICK on title above for original article and for clickable related links;

Pope Silent on Haitai Disaster: Parties in Rome while Homeless Hunger

Pope Benedict Entertained By The Circus W
ednesday, February 3, 2010

Acrobats of Italy's American Circus perform in front of Pope Benedict XVI, in white, seated, during a weekly general audience in the Pope Paul VI hall at the Vatican, Wednesday.

95% of Haitians are of the Roman Catholic faith.

Former Minneapolis cop indicted in bank robbery

February 3, 2010 - 1:31 PM


MINNEAPOLIS - A federal grand jury has indicted a former Minneapolis police SWAT team member in the robbery of an Apple Valley bank.

Twenty-eight-year-old Timothy Edward Carson of Rosemount had already been charged in the Jan. 6 robbery. The formal indictment filed Wednesday lets the case move forward.

Carson is now charged with one count of armed bank robbery and one firearms count. He faces a maximum potential penalty of 25 years in prison on the bank robbery charge and a mandatory minimum of seven years on the firearms charge.

Carson's next court date has not been set and he has not entered a plea. His attorney was out of the office Wednesday and unavailable for comment.

Authorities say Carson also has confessed to several other armed robberies in the Twin Cities area.

A Fed-Funded Million-Dollar Mistake?

KXMBTV Bismarck

A federally-funded project to build a new border entry station in North Dakota is on hold - after ten million dollars has been spent.

The Portal border crossing project is in limbo because of a problem related to the positioning of the building itself.

Dan Erdmann was in Portal today to find out about the multi-million dollar mix-up.

(Dan Erdmann, KX News) What happens when work on a 28 million-dollar port of entry project is suddenly haulted? Well, the simple answer is- nothing.

(Anita Arnold, Portal City Council) "We all just went, "They just don't stop a project like that." but I guess they do, and I guess they can."

(Dan Erdmann, KX News) Anita Arnold is a city council member in Portal, North Dakota- one of the state's busiest entry points into Canada. Since last spring, she says many changes have taken place in and around this multi-million dollar facility. Now, the U.S. General Services Administration is telling city leaders it may be awhile before any work continues.

(Anita Arnold, Portal City Council) "They had sent come communication that the reason the project is at a standstill, it has to do with the entry from Canada into the new port. There's a problem with the road as it enters the port."

(Dan Erdmann, KX News) The conflict in design was enough to shut down nearly all operations by mid-January. Alutiiq, the Alaska-based company in charge of the main construction, layed off several local employees hired on to help. Sub-contractors, many of which are still waiting to receive money for their work have also pulled the plug for the time being. The sudden absence of construction crews has also led to an abrupt decrease in local commerce.

(Julie Kreklau, Gastrak Manager) "Business is definitely quieter now. Without all the guys staying in the motel, we've gone from pretty much a full-capacity, to just a few rooms rented at a time. Our lunch crowd has slowed down a little bit, business is still good, but it's a lot quieter. We've definitely noticed the difference without the guys around here."

(Dan Erdmann, KX News) Other nearby communities, like Lignite, are also seeing those same trends. DJ's Foods owner, JoAnn Ellis, says many port workers had become common visitors to local businesses.

(JoAnn Ellis, DJ's Foods Owner) "A lot of the workers have stayed in Lignite, rented places because they assumed it was going to be a very long-term job, possibly 5 years when they started."

(Dan Erdmann, KX News) Ellis' son was one of the last remaining Alutiiq workers to be layed off. She says he and about a dozen more local employees are now in search of other jobs, while the long process of design negotiations continues.

(JoAnn Ellis, DJ's Foods Owner) "They boarded up what they could board up, just for security reasons, and just kind of sealed up the building."

(Dan Erdmann, KX News) Local residents are unsure what plans lie ahead for the half-completed facility. Arnold says the contract bidding process will likely begin again, which will slow the process even further.

(Anita Arnold, Portal City Council) "Everybody was excited to see it finished."

(Julie Kreklau, Gastrak Manager) "I'm hoping the project gets going again real soon, and we can get the motel filled back up and get our crowd back again. It's good business for us, and we enjoy having the guys around here."

(Dan Erdmann, KX News) "With progress at a standstill at the new port of entry and no clear resolution in sight, it could be several more months before any sort of traffic passes through these gates. In Portal, Dan Erdmann, KX News."

So what's next at Portal? Officials say a design change could be required - but that would mean negotiations among agencies on both sides of the border.

In addition, we're told it's possible Alutiiq, the general contractor, may not be the company that eventually finishes

Click on title above to see vid;

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Scott Roeder: Christian Terrorist

Labels: Christian Extremism

Convicted murderer Scott Roeder is precisely the sort of Christian who makes many Christians eager to disown him and much of what he represents. And yet, there is little doubt that some conservative Christians will honor him as a hero for killing Dr. George Tiller. "Killing for Jesus" is not exactly a novel concept among Christian extremists, particularly when physicians who provide abortions are involved. The question facing us now is how many pro-Roeder Christians are out there and the degree to which this once fringe phenomenon is acquiring greater acceptance.

Admittedly, Roeder provides us with an extreme example of Christian terrorism. Some Christian extremists who oppose reproductive rights for women engage in many less violent terrorist acts (e.g., harassing women outside clinics, vandalism, etc.) but draw the line at murder. And yet, Randall Terry was observed outside the courthouse during Roeder's trial showing his support for the admitted murderer.

Roeder's defense was perfectly consistent with the extremist position held by Terry and others determined to restrict the healthcare options available to American women.

“I did what I thought was needed to be done to protect the children. I shot him,” he testified, adding at another point, “If I didn’t do it, the babies were going to die the next day.”

This is the sort of rhetoric that has become increasingly common - not just on the extreme right but in fairly mainstream right-wing circles. Former President Bush often spoke about "the sanctity of life" and made no secret of his opposition to Roe v. Wade. Fox "News" blowhard Bill O'Reilly seemed to delight in repeatedly referring to Dr. Tiller as "Tiller the baby killer." In speaking out against abortion, many socially conservative members of Congress have had no qualms about labeling it as murder.

Rather than being a calming influence, the evangelical fundamentalist brand of Christian extremism that is so popular among the far right today has undeniably fanned these flames.

Mr. Roeder, 51, of Kansas City, Mo., told jurors that he had a growing sense of his own faith and opposition to abortion in the 1990s after watching “The 700 Club,” the evangelist Pat Robertson’s television talk show. Mr. Roeder’s views on religion and abortion, he said, went “hand in hand.”

This observer finds it deeply disturbing that there appear to be a sizable number of Americans who, while they would probably not go so far as to say that Dr. Tiller deserved to be murdered, agree with the far-right and Christian extremist claims that physicians who provide abortions are committing murder. From such a position, violence seems nearly inevitable.

China Ignores Melamine Ban in Milk

A ProMED-mail post

ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases

Date: Mon 25 Jan 2010
Source: Bangkok Post, Agence France-Presse (AFP) report [edited]

More tainted milk products found in China
Melamine-laced milk products have been found [again] on sale in China,
state media said on Monday [25 Jan 2010], more than a year after the
chemical was blamed for 6 deaths in a huge scandal over contaminated
dairy goods.

Authorities in the southwestern province of Guizhou found that
products made by 3 food companies contained illegally high levels of
the toxic substance, the China Daily said.

It quoted a former dairy industry official as saying it was likely
more tainted goods remained in supermarkets despite a major recall
after the 2008 scandal, which highlighted China's persistent product
safety problems.

The suspect products in Guizhou have been pulled from stores, the
China Daily said, adding that the firms involved blamed milk powder
bought from suppliers.

The report illustrated the apparent continued threat from tainted
dairy goods long after the 2008 scandal when it was revealed that the
industrial chemical -- which can, in large quantities, cause kidney
failure and death -- was being abused by food producers.

At that time, melamine was found to have been added to milk to give
the appearance of a higher protein content and was blamed for killing
6 infants and making nearly 300 000 others sick, according to official

The scare led to foodstuffs containing dairy products being taken off
shelves around the world. A total of 21 people were reportedly
convicted of wrongdoing, with 2 executed and others sentenced to jail
terms. But other cases have since surfaced.

Earlier this month [January 2010], the state press revealed that
Shanghai Panda Dairy had been shut down again over melamine-tainted
milk products [see ProMED ref. below]. The company had been
blacklisted and closed over the 2008 scandal but was allowed to
reopen. 3 Chinese executives with the company could face trial as
early as next month [February 2010] on charges of making and selling
hazardous foods, a spokesman in the Shanghai prosecutors' office has

The China Daily said the products found in Guizhou were made in March
and April of 2009, months after the government declared an all-clear.

The 3 companies involved, in separate locations across north and east
China, were Zibo Lusaier Dairy Company, Tieling Wuzhou Food Company,
and the Laoting Kaida Refrigeration Plant, it said.

It said the goods included "popsicles" [see image in link at end]
produced by 2 of the companies but gave no other specifics.

Staff at the Guizhou provincial health department denied the report
when contacted by AFP. Ling Hu, a spokeswoman with the Guizhou
provincial government, said officials there were looking into the
allegations but declined further comment. AFP could not immediately
reach officials at the 3 companies.

The China Daily quoted Wang Dingmian, former chairman of the Guangdong
Provincial Dairy Association in southern China, as suggesting
"leftover" tainted dairy goods were likely still circulating despite
the earlier recall.

"The problems were not totally solved. From this point, it's
inevitable to see new problems popping out," he said.

Communicated by:

[Melamine is an organic base chemical most commonly found in the form
of white crystals rich in nitrogen. It is widely used in plastics,
adhesives, countertops, dishware, and whiteboards. Symptoms and signs
of melamine poisoning are irritability, blood in urine, little or no
urine, signs of kidney infection, and high blood pressure. Melamine
causes kidney stones and other urinary tract problems in lab animals.
It also causes kidney failure and death (see

In 2007, melamine was found in wheat gluten and rice protein
concentrate exported from China and used in the manufacture of pet
food in the United States. This caused the death of a large number of
dogs and cats due to kidney failure (see prior ProMED-mail post Pet
food fatalities, pets - USA, Canada, Mexico (03): melamine

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
regulations the presence of melamine is considered adulteration.
Adulterated foods are not acceptable for marketing or consumption. In
China, where adulteration has occurred, melamine has also been added
to increase the nitrogen content of the milk (its apparent protein
content) after water was added to raw milk to increase its volume.

According to the report from the Ministry of Health of China dated 22
Sep 2008, there had been more than 53 000 cases identified, of which
13 000 were hospitalized, and 104 infants were in serious condition.

In January 2009, a court in China sentenced 2 men to death for their
role in making and selling milk tainted with melamine. At least 6
children died and nearly 300 000 fell ill after drinking the toxic
dairy products in 2008 (see prior PRO/MBDS post Infant kidney stones -
China (06): WHO, timeline 20080922.2990).

From the newswire above, melamine-laced milk products produced in
March and April of 2009 have been found for sale in shops in Guizhou
and 3 companies there are allegedly involved in making and selling
these hazardous foods. - Mod.SCM]

[In general the melamine has been added to powdered milk products,
including such things as powdered infant formula to be mixed at the

The solubility of melamine in water is 3.1 grams of melamine per liter
of water at 20 deg C [68 deg F], so it is possible to add it to liquid

While melamine can be added to liquid milk products, melamine is not
naturally found in milk and does not pass through a
cow/sheep/goat/horse into the liquid milk. - Mod.TG]

[Photo of popsicles:

- Mod.JW]

For a map of China with provinces, see
For the interactive HealthMap/ProMED map of China with links to other
ProMED-mail and PRO/MBDS postings in Guizhou, China and surrounding
areas, see . - Mod.SCM]

[see also:
Melamine, milk products - China 20100105.0048
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Fish mortality - South Africa: melamine?, RFI 20070612.1919
Contaminated pet food - China: melamine 20070430.1403
Pet food fatalities, pets - USA, Canada, Mexico (03): melamine 20070330.1099]
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China Threatens US w/ Economic Sanctions Over Dalai Lama Visit

China Warns Obama Against Meeting Dalai Lama
Lauren Frayer

(Feb. 2) -- China is warning President Barack Obama that if he meets with the Dalai Lama, it will undermine U.S.-China relations and even hurt America's prospects for economic recovery.

The Dalai Lama, a Buddhist monk, is the spiritual head of his coreligionists in Tibet, and lobbies for self-rule in the mountainous area that China claims as its own. He lives in exile in India but travels frequently. Beijing considers the Dalai Lama a separatist terrorist, and resents his high profile overseas and the warm reception he often gets from foreign leaders.

The exiled Tibetan leader plans to visit the U.S. later this month, including a stop in Washington, and the White House has said Obama has "every intention" of meeting him. "The president has made clear to the Chinese government that we intend to meet with the Dalai Lama," spokesman Mike Hammer said last month. No official date has been released.

Zhu Weigun, executive deputy head of the Communist Party's United Front Work Department, said today that such a meeting would "seriously undermine the political foundation of Sino-U.S. relations."

"If the U.S. leader chooses to meet with the Dalai Lama at this time, it will certainly threaten trust and cooperation between China and the United States," Zhu said. "We oppose any attempt by foreign forces to interfere in China's internal affairs using the Dalai Lama as an excuse."

He said that by inviting the Dalai Lama to the White House, the U.S. would "harm others but bring no profit to itself." And he added a veiled threat about American prospects for economic recovery.

"How would [such a meeting] help the United States surmount the current economic crisis?" Zhu asked. He spoke at a news conference this morning in Beijing, and his comments were carried by several news agencies.

China holds the key to part of America's future financial stability, because it holds the largest number of U.S. treasury bonds. The strength of economic revival in China, in turn, could help lead the U.S. and the rest of the world out of the current downturn.

The row over the Dalai Lama's visit to Washington is the latest strain on Sino-American relations, on the heels of a big U.S. arms deal with Taiwan, which the U.S. recognizes as independent but China also claims as its own. Washington announced last week that it would go ahead with plans to sell $6.4 billion of weapons to Taiwan. In response, China suspended military relations and threatened sanctions against U.S. companies involved in the sale – a move the White House called "unwarranted."

In today's news conference, the communist party official Zhu didn't elaborate on how China would retaliate if Obama meets the Dalai Lama. "We will take corresponding measures to make the relevant countries realize their mistakes," he said.
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BLOGGERS NOTE: As planned & predicted, the forces are aligning for the 3rd ww - N. Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, China, etc. v. US

Monday, February 1, 2010

Congress Suffers Big-Hack Attack

A hack attack on Congress
January 31, 2010 — 12:41pm ET | By Judi Hasson

Hackers recently walked into the lion's den and snared a big win by defacing 49 House websites in the hours after the State of the Union address last week. It's clear this was more than a random incident, and now House investigators are trying to figure out who was responsible, how they did it and whether they could do it again.

It's not the first time House websites have been hacked. In August, 19 sites met the same fate. Does this mean that it's all of a sudden open season on congressional websites?

Security experts are pointing to hackers from Brazil--the Red Eye Crew--has claimed responsibility for defacing thousands of websites since 2002. The same hackers previously broke into sites for the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and NASA, according to Gary Warner, director of research in computer forensics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In the latest case, the hacked web pages are managed by GovTrends, an Alexandra, Va.-based Web services vendor.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) jointly sent a letter last week to House Chief Administrative Officer Daniel P. Beard calling for "an immediate and comprehensive assessment" of how it happened.

"We also request that you take immediate action to protect against breaches of the House firewalls and to ensure website security of all House offices," they wrote.

Jeff Ventura, a spokesman for the House chief administrative officer, said that the working theory is that the infiltration happened during an upgrade that GovTrends was making to its system.

For more on this hack attack:
- see this Politico article

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