Saturday, January 23, 2010

15 Yr. Old School-Girl Shot Dead by Hatian Police / Stealing Pretty Pictures

Haiti earthquake: Schoolgirl looter Fabienne Geismar, 15, killed by a single bullet to the head for stealing a few photographs

By Liz Hazelton
Last updated at 6:22 PM on 22nd January 2010

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She lies limp on the ground, killed by a single shot to the head.

Crushed beneath her bloodied face, are the garish paintings which she paid for with her life.

But Fabienne Geismar was not one of 4,500 prisoners to escape after the Haiti earthquake broke Port-au-Prince prison apart.

Lifeless: Fabienne Geismar died after being shot by police. The pictures she had looted lie beneath her face

She was a 15-year-old girl, killed by police desperate to stop a wave of looting and lawlessness which pushes the island into deeper anarchy every day.

The sight of the dead on the streets of Port-au-Prince has become commonplace. Few bothered to even glance down at Fabienne's crumpled body, clad in a pink and grey top and pink skirt, her flimsy shoes still resting on her feet.

But even in a city rank with the stench of death, where the latest fatality toll stands at around 200,000, her family were distraught.

Her father Osam, sister Samantha and brother Jeff had watched as she was felled by a bullet in the ruins of Marthely Seiee Street. There was nothing they could do.

Later they returned with a cart to collect her body. Her mother Armante stood wailing, barely able to stand.

As the crowd watched, her 52-year-old father lifted Fabienne from the ground, her heavy limbs awkward in his arms. He laid her on the cart and then subsided in a paroxysm of grief.

It is unclear whether police deliberately aimed at looters, who had targeted properties destroyed in the earthquake, or had been firing warning shots over their heads.

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