Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some See BRILLIANT Ploy as Craiglist Blocks Sex Ads

My Comment to the Article (below)

Of course its a ploy, and a damn good one if you ask me,... got people talking and thinkin about THE ISSUE of Freedom of Speech on the internet,....and of course (I would HOPE) Craigslist "Adult Services" Ads will come back, - if not, that will be the end of the internet as we know it....read in this article below how Self-Appointed Leader of the New "Moral Majority" of Media,.. Richard Blumenthal (Attorney General of Conneticut and the dirty politician (he is running for Chris Dodd;s seat) who lied about being a Viet Nam Vet,) ....is out shut freedom of speech on the internet down;



Since blocking its “adult services” ads as the weekend began, Craigslist has refused to discuss its motivations.

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