Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prescription Drug-Abuse "Rare" Nat'l Institute on Drug Abuse says, BUT Narconon says Different

Click on title above to see the report of the NIDA who says prescription drug-abuse "is rare." That is pretty much like the USDA telling us our beef is safe to eat. Once the link opens, page down and look to the left where it says, Prescription Drug Abuse Facts"

Below is what a Narconon Agency has to say about it; Who do you believe?

Prescription Drug Abuse

United States 7/07/2009 06:58 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

While millions watch the memorial of Michael Jackson, Narconon of Georgia continues its campaign to warn families of the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drug abuse has now eclipsed illegal drug abuse with our youth and quite often the abuse is happening right under the nose of unsuspecting family members. All too often children are raiding the family medicine cabinet or buying drugs in the school yard from other children.

Narconon of Georgia has been actively providing the public with information on prescription drug abuse through its public service announcement and free brochures. A collaborative “Operation Medicine Cabinet” event is planned for later in the month with a local Sheriff’s office. The public are encouraged to bring their unused prescription medications in exchange for gift cards. Other communities are encouraged to do the same.

As pharmaceutical abuse increases, our safety measures have to increase commensurately. Over the Counter and Prescription Drug abuse is life threatening. Concerned citizens and legislatures have done an excellent job of getting drunken driving under control.

We can put a major dent in the abuse of medications by insisting in a similar way that our citizens and legislatures take heed of the dangers of medicine, whether it is prescribed or over the counter.

While the world mourns another great talent lost to prescription drugs, Narconon of Georgia continues to spread the message that there are solutions – drug prevention and treatment.

Narconon of Georgia treats prescription drug abuse effectively with a 76% success rate.



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