Monday, July 13, 2009

Theft of Services Claim Involves "Only God Can Judge Me" Tatoo

Man doesn't pay for 'Only God can judge me' tattoo
The Associated Press

DENTON, Texas - God might not be the only one passing judgment on a man who skipped out on paying $200 for a religious tattoo at a parlor. Denton police are investigating a nonpayment complaint filed by a tattoo artist who inscribed "Only God can judge me" on a customer's arm. The Denton Record-Chronicle reported Thursday that the artist finished the work, which included a pair of praying hands, and presented the bill.

The customer Monday offered a credit card, which was declined, then he ran out of the store.

Bloggers note: And here is my tatoo & a few of my fav "UnGodly" sites;


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